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Check 'live' availability at our multi-storey car parks

If you’re driving into Cambridge, this page will give you an idea of which of our multi-storey car parks have spaces available.

We have included information for the local Park & Ride sites – contact the county council if you have any questions about these.

Grand Arcade car park

890 spaces (0% and Emptying)

Grafton East car park

769 spaces (1% and Filling)

Grafton West car park

275 spaces (1% and Static)

Park Street car park

282 spaces (1% and Emptying)

Queen Anne car park

494 spaces (8% and Static)

P&R Madingley Road car park

928 spaces (0% and Static)

P&R Trumpington car park

1599 spaces (0% and Static)

P&R Babraham car park

1447 spaces (0% and Static)

P&R Milton car park

790 spaces (0% and Filling)

P&R Newmarket Rd Front car park

258 spaces (0% and Static)