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Request or report a housing repair

We aim to provide you with a safe and comfortable home. It's in both your interest and ours to deal with repairs quickly and efficiently.

Please be aware that some minor repairs are your responsibility. Find out who is responsible for what.

Boilers and radiators installed over 12 months ago are looked after by our heating contractors Mears - phone 03332 070 766 to arrange repair work.

How to ask for a repair

It's quick and easy with our online system:

Request a repair to your home

  • By phone:

Customer service repairs team: 01223 457060
Out-of-hours emergencies: 0300 303 8389

  • Speak to your caretaker (if you live in a block with a caretaker)

You will need to give us:

  • your address and a contact phone number
  • details of the problem
  • dates and times when it is convenient for us to call

When the job will be done

For routine repairs, we will offer you either a morning appointment (8am to 1pm) or an afternoon appointment (midday to 4pm).

If you choose an appointment time, it may be outside the usual time limit for the job.

If we give you an appointment, it will usually be at least five working days after you order the repair.

After the repair has been booked, we will send you a job sheet in the post.

Your repair will fall into one of these categories:

  1. Emergencies
  2. Urgent repairs
  3. Routine repairs
  4. Long-term planned maintenance


We will deal with these problems within 24 hours:

  • blocked drains in certain circumstances
  • serious electrical faults
  • faulty smoke alarms, if they are council-installed and you cannot turn them off
  • complete power failure
  • burst or leaking supply pipes
  • a toilet not flushing (if this is your only toilet)
  • major overflows (when water is gushing out)
  • major roof leaks
  • broken heating systems - we will provide temporary heating within eight hours if needed
  • broken lifts

Wherever possible we will complete emergency repairs within 24 hours. Sometimes we will only be able to make your home safe at first and we will have to come back later to finish the work - for example if major work is needed or if parts have to be ordered.

In the event of an emergency that is life-threatening or causing major damage to property then we will aim to attend immediately.

If we think your house is not fit for living in, we will provide temporary housing if you need it.

Please do not misuse the emergency service - other people may be put in danger if you do.

If you abuse the emergency service, we may charge you.

Urgent repairs

We will deal with these repairs within three working days as long as you let us into your home.

  • emergency repairs that we have already made safe
  • electrical faults where there is no risk of injury
  • problems with the hot-water supply
  • Leaking waste pipes
  • taps that cannot be turned off completely
  • minor roof leaks
  • faulty entry phones
  • broken heating systems (in summer)

If you prefer, we can make an appointment to suit you, but this may mean waiting longer.

Routine repairs

We will repair these within 20 working days, or we will make an appointment if you prefer.

  • Fireplaces
  • Roofs
  • Gutters and drainpipes
  • Noisy ball valves in toilets
  • Broken vents and airbricks
  • Minor re-pointing and rendering
  • Sinks, baths, kitchen units and fittings
  • Plastering
  • Woodwork and minor fencing work

We do not make appointments for work on the outside of your home.

Long-term planned maintenance work

We plan to do work that doesn't fit into the other categories as part of long-term programmes, as this is the most efficient way of working. Examples include:

  • servicing gas central heating;
  • painting the outside of your home;
  • repairing fencing;
  • replacing kitchen units and bathrooms;
  • fitting plastic windows; and
  • roofing work.

You must allow us into your home to do this work.

Remember, it is your responsibility to tell us when repairs need to be done. If you don't tell us and we have to spend extra money on repairs as a result, we may charge you for them.

We realise that it is not always easy to be at home to let workers in. This is why we offer appointments for either morning or afternoon.

Our workers will not enter your home unless there is someone to let them in - either you or a friend or relative, who must be 18 or over.

Please remember that genuine callers will always be able to show you identification. If you have any doubt at all about a caller, you should phone us (details at top of page) to make sure.

Please tell us if you are not going to be able to keep an appointment. Missed appointments waste our time and your money!

People working in your home

We expect contractors or people who work for us to treat you and your home with respect. We also expect high standards of work.

We expect workers to:

  • show you an identity card;
  • give you at least 48 hours' notice before starting any major work;
  • visit you between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday, unless you have agreed otherwise or there is an emergency;
  • only use the doors, paths and gates they are told to use, and not leave doors and windows open unnecessarily;
  • ask your permission to come into your home and garden, and to use the toilet or sink;
  • protect your furniture and carpets with dust sheets and ask you to move your valuables;
  • agree the safest place to keep materials and equipment;
  • avoid any damage as far as possible and discuss any unavoidable damage to plants;
  • make safe any emergency work;
  • follow health and safety regulations;
  • warn you about any dangers, particularly for children and older people, and make sure that your home is safe and fit for you to live in if work is left unfinished overnight, at weekends or during a public holiday;
  • provide all their own tools and not leave them in dangerous or inconvenient places;
  • clean up their rubbish every day and leave the area completely clean and clear at the end of the job;
  • keep appointments if possible (if this is not possible, they must apologise immediately, explain why and make a new appointment);
  • ask before using your electricity, if they do not have battery-powered tools;
  • pass on any messages they volunteer to take;
  • tell you if parts are not available and tell you when they will get them;
  • make certain you are satisfied with the work and that all the services are working when the job is finished;
  • not be rude or overfamiliar, use bad language or argue;
  • not be unnecessarily noisy or play radios; and
  • not smoke.

Contractors will only enter your home if the tenant or a responsible adult over 18 years old is on the premises.


Timescale for housing problems to be fixed
Problem Timescale
Total loss of electrical power 1 day
Partial loss of electrical power 3 days
Unsafe power of lighting socket or electrical fitting 1 day
Total loss of water supply 1 day
Partial loss of water supply 3 days
Total or partial loss of gas supply 1 day
Blocked flue to an open fire or boiler 1 day
Total or partial loss of space or water heating between 31 October and 1 May 1 day
Total or partial loss of space or water heating between 30 April and 1 November 3 days
Blocked or leaking foul drain, soil stack or toilet pan (where there is no other working toilet in the house) 1 day
Toilet not flushing (where there is no other working toilet in the house) 1 day
Blocked sink, bath or basin 3 days
Tap which cannot be turned 3 days
Leaking from water or heating pipe, tank or cistern 1 day
Leaking roof 7 days
Insecure outside window, door or lock 1 day
Loose or detached banister or hand rail 3 days
Rotten timber flooring or stair tread 3 days
Door entry-phone not working 7 days
Mechanical extractor fan in the kitchen or bathroom not working 7 days