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Tree trails

We are very lucky to have a rich variety of trees in Cambridge. There are an estimated quarter of a million trees growing in a variety of public and private locations.

Cambridge City Council is responsible for a lot of these trees, particularly those in open spaces and on streets. We want to celebrate these trees and promote the important role they play in environmental, social and even economic terms. To do this, we worked with Urban Green to build a website for our tree trail at Cherry Hinton Hall.

You can use your smartphone to follow the trail and learn about the trees.

The trail is about 1,500m long. Many of the trees on the trail are close to paved pathways and are wheelchair accessible. But some trees can only be seen at close quarters by venturing over grassy areas or along informal paths. As a result the tree trail is not fully wheelchair accessible.

If you use Instagram you can share your photos of the trees – just tag @camtrees and we’ll do the rest.

We hope this smartphone-friendly approach will encourage as wide an audience as possible to go outdoors and discover our amazing trees.

We hope to create more tree trails soon. If you belong to a local community group, let us know if you’d like to see one in your area.

If you want to find out more, read about why trees matter [PDF, 0.6MB].